Living Room Decorating Tips

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Have you just moved into your new home? Or, maybe you just want to add a little oomph to your existing living room? We’ve rounded up the first steps you should follow to create a relaxing and functional room for your family and friends.

Find Balance When Arranging Furniture

Balance and symmetry are at the heart of everything. Before deciding on the type of furniture to use, consider the size of your living room. Find a balance between space and furniture items.

Next, decide the purpose of your living room area to identify what your focal points are. Is it for entertainment or a relaxing seating area for you and your family?

To save space, look for built-in furniture. This way, you won’t be sacrificing walk paths or jam up your overall design. You can also include a built-in minibar in your living room. Your guests will thank you for it.

For your seating area, a deep sofa couch, a few chairs for your guests, or some ottomans will do the trick. You’ll also need a place to put your snacks or drinks during a conversation like a coffee table or side table.


Place an Aquarium in Your Office

We all spend most of our time at the office, and who said we can’t feel comfortable while working hard? To add a bit of home-feel you should place an aquarium in your office. Think about it, if you’re relaxed and feel good, you’re even more productive. It will be a source of inspiration for your best work but also great to look at when you want to calm down after a stressful meeting or an unpleasant phone call.

Experts give you the best advice for beautiful aquarium designs and the right breeds of fish. Fish Lab will help you install your first tank and ensure you benefit from the best aquarium equipment. They’ll also teach you about specific breeds of fish. You can’t just randomly pick an aquarium or nice-looking fish. You’ll end up with a disaster on your hands.


Get A Big Coffee Table

Your living room should have a place where you can comfortably place your coffee when talking with a friend or just watching TV. Bigger is better. Place a large coffee table in your seating area and you’ll have easier access to it when you’re relaxing on the couch. Make sure you leave enough room between the table and couch so you don’t trip or have trouble passing through. Having a big coffee table in your living room will also allow you to place some extra décor like family photos on it or avant-garde items. It’s functional and yet so attractive.


Let There Be Light

Lighting is the make or break of any design. Mix up floor lamps, table lamps, and overhead fixtures to create a soothing atmosphere when the sun goes down. You can’t go wrong with placing floor lamps behind the couch or in the corner of your living room. You can also place a small table lamp on your large coffee table to show off picture frames or just to make the seating area feel cozy.


Use The Right Size Rug

Don’t think we forgot to mention how you should choose your rug. We’re just talking about it now because it’s the piece that brings all your furniture together.

Just like with the coffee table, bigger is better. It won’t chop off the layout of your living room and will only enhance the overall look. Before deciding on the size, a trick is to use a painter’s tape to copy the placement of your rug. You’ll then know how much space you have and how the rug will impact your living room’s design. The room’s shape, furniture, and size are the essentials you should consider before buying your rug. Make sure everything is connected.

To add some style to your living room hang up a few pictures or some nice paintings. Small things make a big difference. It depends on what design you prefer. Play around with color, textures, and upholstery as much as you like but balance it all out to maintain a pleasant and relaxing room.


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