Four Stylish Decorating Tips For Your Child’s Bedroom

Whether they’re sleeping, playing, studying or socializing, your child’s bedroom is a central location in their life. Because of this, putting a little extra effort into decorating it is a small investment that can pay off. Here are 4 things you can do to bring some extra flair your child’s bedroom.

Choose Fun Colours

No child wants to spend much time in a room covered in sensible shades of beige, eggshell and grey. While the stoic, buttoned-up look of these colours is what makes them so popular with adults, those same qualities make them very unappealing to young eyes. Children are drawn to bright colours that stand out and excite their natural curiosity, and this gives you the perfect excuse to experiment with more eclectic colour schemes. Look how striking jade green and fuchsia can look together!


Use Cube Storage for Books and Toys

You can make it easy and fun for your children to put their piles of picture books and mountains of action figures or doll clothes away by adding a suitable cube storage unit to their bedroom. The units themselves can be found in many different materials (plastic and laminate are common, but more natural-looking wooden versions are also available) and shapes (isolated cubes, traditional stacks and stair-like configurations), and drawers are available just any colour or pattern you can think of. This high level of customization possibility makes it easy to match this storage solution to any existing room decor. Using a similar set-up will keep your child’s possessions out of the way while also adding a unique accent element to the room.


3) Use Wall Stickers

You might be loath to paint designs directly on the walls or to hammer nails into the untouched drywall, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain old solid colours. Wall stickers are a great way to add some extra visual interest to the walls of your child’s bedroom without making any permanent changes. These decor accessories allow you to seamlessly apply a bold, crisp image to your child’s wall; when the time comes to remove or replace it, just peel it off the wall and throw it away. Wall stickers can range from the size of standard stickers all the way up to mural-sized versions, so you can choose the type that fits your child’s room best.


4) Bring Magical Fantasy by Choosing the Perfect Lamps

One of the most overlooked aspects of children’s room design is the lighting. While mere fluorescent light bulbs will get the job done in terms of making the space usable, choosing your lamps and fixtures more deliberately can lend an entirely different atmosphere to the space. The gentle glow of Lamptwist’s deer head lamp, for instance, is a unisex item that creates a comfortable and whimsical mood around it. These sorts of touches can really help make the room feel like a separate space from the rest of the house, a sanctuary where the child can indulge their budding imagination.

Kids are only kids once, so do your best to celebrate their unique tastes in this period of their life. Use these tips as guidelines and you’ll be able to create an attractive, modern and functional bedroom that your children will be thrilled to call their own.


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