Paradise Praises Kids’ Travel Calendar Review

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My love of planners and calendars has spread to my children. They often see me writing out our budget on the calendar, or recording our activities or appointments in my calendar. I am not an organized person by nature, so it’s a habit I’ve had to force myself into. I’m glad I have, because I certainly can’t remember the plans for a family of seven in my head.

Since one of my words for 2018 is consistency, getting organized in our homeschool is a big part of that. If I don’t at least have a loose plan for our weeks, I lose track of our goals. With four kids homeschooling this year, it’s also really important for me to stay on top of where the kids are in their schoolwork. The curriculum we use numbers lessons by day, so writing this down on a calendar is a great way to do that.

Paradise Praises has a wonderful Kids Travel Calendar that I’ve had the kids start using to keep track of our homeschool lessons and other fun things they may do. We are going to a Newsboys concert later this winter, so my big kids have written the date down and they are counting down the days! Being in charge of their own calendar is a great way to reinforce responsibility and organization for kids. It seems like such a simple task, but it is an important life skill for kids to learn.

The Kids’ Travel Calendar covers 12 months and is undated. The black and white artwork (one for each month) is meant for kids to color and there’s a different theme every month. What’s really nice is that I can turn these simple themes into a unit study for the various landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty. It also is friendly for either gender, so your entire family can enjoy using this calendar together.

I really love that this calendar will inspire learning in our homeschool year round. In the summer months, it’s still fun to learn about new things. I think we will have fun looking up the customs of different countries and visiting our town’s library to learn more about our world! has an online shop with loads of products and resources to bring joy and inspiration to your home. Whether or not you homeschool, there are several versatile products from devotionals to calendars that you will just love.

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