Putting On The Spirit: Ten Minute Devotions For Busy Moms Book Review

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In my mothering journey, I have seasons where I am constantly in survival mode. My five kids are spread out between preteen and toddler years and, as a result, I am pulled in many directions. Between talks of puberty and heart issues, to ending the diaper days and learning ABCs, my days are definitely full and busy. In those hard moments, doing a daily devotion should be something I do at the start of each day. This is a habit I have built over the last year or so.

One of the best books that have helped me continue a habit of spending time in the Word, is Putting on the Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions for Busy Moms by Katie Hornor at Paradise Praises. Katie has thoughtfully put together this study of the fruit of the Spirit, so busy moms from all walks of life can improve their spiritual walk with God. Though they may be a short read, the passages will encourage readers to apply Scripture to daily life. As I went through this book, I wrote down any thoughts and prayers in my prayer journal during my morning quiet time. We are encouraged to start our days seeking after God’s own heart, so we can be a source of Christ-like love in our own homes!

Sneak Peak of the Book’s Contents!

Forward by Heidi St. John, The Busy Mom

Putting On Love: Days 1-3

Putting On Joy: Days 4-6

Putting On Peace: Days 7-9

Putting On Longsuffering: Days 10-12

Putting On Gentleness: Days 13-14

Putting Goodness: Day 15-17

Putting On Faith: Days 18-22

Putting On Meekness: Days 23-25

Putting On Temperance: Days 26-27

The Whole Fruit: Day 28


I have been through Katie’s book in the last month or so and I’m so grateful the Lord inspired her to put this together. I’ve noticed that in addition to the book, an audio book bundle is available for purchase. This would be great if you are in the car with the kids, or maybe you take a morning jog. Katie’s book is available for purchase on Amazon and you can also check out her website. Be sure to check out all of her products!


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