Savings Tips for Single Parents

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Whether it’s through divorce or death, becoming a single parent is always devastating and with it comes the fact that you still have all the same responsibilities and bills, half the income and no one to turn to for support. Being a single parent is no small task and trying to avoid a budget so far in the red that you forget what black looks like is not easy. But with a little planning and a whole lot of creative thinking it can be done so here’s some tips to get you started.

The first thing you have to do is start cutting costs where ever you can. In fact, you need to try cut your monthly bills in half if you can. You may be fortunate enough to be receiving child support but that is income which you shouldn’t be too confident of. A great way to cut down on your monthly bills is by couponing and searching for deals and discounts that save you real money. With a little bit of patience it is possible to find online coupons for just about everything, from furniture and clothing to the staple bread and milk. If patience is not one your strengths, go for Discountrue coupons service and you should find every promo code you’ll need.

Unless you are absolutely one hundred percent certain that you can afford your current homes
mortgage and utility bills, downsizing is a painful yet effective way of cutting costs. Selling your current home can give you a nice deposit on a new place and also save you thousands of dollars in‘who gets the house’ legal fees. Depending on how much smaller the new place is compared to your old one you can also cut your utilities by as much as a third.

There is nothing quite as uncertain as suddenly becoming a single parent and one of the things that you need to consider is the fact that you may have to move in order to take advantage of a higher paying job. Try to keep your kids in the same school and rent a property on a short term lease. You want your kids to get through the upheaval as soon as possible but the stress of selling a home, searching for new schools, and trying to find a new place to stay is traumatic whether it’s the first time or the tenth.

When you are a parent, trusting someone else around your children is a terrifying prospect but if you
can find a traditional housemate they can help with the rent and utility bills. Having a housemate comes with its own set of problems so it’s not for everyone but as long as you’ve done a thorough background check and trusted your instincts it can help you cut your bills way down. You could also have a variation of an au pair where you offer a room to a college student in exchange for childcare. Try for a same sex housemate and a single parent if possible as they’ll know how to care for kids and there won’t be any confusion about the relationship for your kids.

Being a single is scary, but it’s not impossible as long as you remember that no matter what, the welfare of your children is more important than anything else!


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  1. Anonymous
    June 17, 2015 / 3:08 pm

    Just happened upon your site. I'm a single parent and I appreciate the cost-saving tips. I must comment thought that not all single parent situations are born out of traumatic, scary, or otherwise negative situations. My own single motherhood happened to be joyful, exciting, thrilling, and a wonderful life opportunity but even women who find themselves single after a death or divorce (and am best friends with one of each) grow positively into the role of single motherhood as they explore solving problems on their own. Learning how to cut back expenses, spend wisely, and make hard but good financial and investment decisions is an exercise that has contributed greatly to my (and my friends') personal growth. As single moms, for the sake of our children's confidence and self worth as well as our own, we have to reframe the negative soundbites that exist and re-catagorize single moms as capable, fearless, organized, good decision makers, confident, secure, smart, leaders, and valuable, not to mention excellent role models for survival in today's modern world.

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