Self-Reflection For Personal Growth

Personal trials can get in the way of achieving goals and personal growth. Lately, I have been on a journey of self-reflection and exploring old life events that I may need to move past. There were several things that I thought I had gotten over simply because I didn’t think about them much any more. As human beings, we tend to bury traumatic experiences that we can learn from, rather than mourn.

Mothering in this generation means spreading ourselves very thin. Gone are the days when most mothers stayed out of the workforce. Even though I stay at home with my children, I blog as a way to provide income for my family. That is an additional responsibility that is added to my schedule. Whether you’re some sort of working mother or a stay-at-home mother, the responsibilities of bringing up small humans is tremendous!

It is hard to find time to recharge and we become lost in the monotony of it all. Incorporating self-care into our schedules is very important to remain healthy in our emotional, spiritual, and physical lives. Along my own journey, I’ve started some new habits that help me be healthy¬†and¬†productive.

"When you succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful." -Eric Thomas

Pick Areas of Focus

What is important in your life right now? What are your goals? You could be developing a freelancing career or you may simply want to have a cleaner home. This Adrian Rubin interview is inspirational for those of us still in the beginning steps of improving our lives. I have realized that I can’t do everything on my long to-do list, so I pick one or two areas that are most important and realistic to me in my life at that moment.

Manage Work/Life Balance

If you work outside the home, it can be overwhelming to come home and deal with home life. What can you do to not bring that work tension home? Can you work a few less hours? Perhaps you can take a few minutes to get some fresh air in your work day, thus leading to a refreshed mind and an increase in productivity during work hours. If you feel good about your work day, it may be less taxing on your physical and emotional state.

Be Creative

Successful companies like Adrian Rubin LLC have had to be creative in establishing themselves as a name. The same can be the same as establishing your identity as a parent or individual. We all have gifts and unique skill sets that allow us to flourish in our many roles in life. Tapping into those skill sets allow us to find our full potential and balance the craziness of life in better ways.

Heal From Personal Hurts

Most of us do not realize how angry and hard-hearted we’ve become. It seems crazy to relate this to achieving personal goals, but it can really hold us back. Depression and anxiety rates are quite high in the United States. You may hold anger towards a past relationship or another person who you feel has hurt you. Forgiving can lead to emotional maturity for yourself; forgiveness isn’t always for the other person to feel better.

The bottom line is that it’s important to figure out what is holding up your personal growth in life. What leads to those anxious thoughts? What things can you let go of to move on with life?


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