Sock eating monster, part I

I am so glad Friday is finally here! My husband’s work schedule has been flip-flopped and so I’ve been parenting alone more than usual. My mornings have consisted of get all three kids up (now remember, they are 4.5, 2, and 16 months!), make breakfast, make sure everyone is sitting down to eat, dress everyone, bundle them up, and drive my 4 year old to preschool. Driving him to preschool is ludicrous in the first place because we live about 1.5 blocks away from it, but when it’s six degrees outside and you have three kids in tow, you drive!

So as I am catching up on laundry from last week, I have discovered that everyone is missing socks except for me. Each child got a brand new package of socks in the fall and my husband and I recently bought new packages for ourselves. Do you think that stops the sock eating monster in our house? No! It’s been absolutely frigid outside this week. A-Man, our 16 month old, has been stuck wearing whatever socks I could find for him just so we could get out the door. 

I found a cute way to battle the sock eating monster in our house thanks to Pinterest.
I will keep you all updated as I figure out how I’m going to organize this idea in our house. Do you have any tips on battling sock (or other item) eating monsters in your home?




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