Summer days

Summer is finally upon us. It’s hard to believe. We celebrated our oldest child’s fourth birthday over the weekend. We had friends and family over for a Thomas themed party complete with a train cake and Thomas cupcakes. My attempt at a 3D train cake failed, but it was at least in the shape of the cake. And hey, my 4 year old still thought it was cool.

So earlier this week I found out that there is damage to my liver. I’m not sure how and will be seeking out the opinion of a specialist. I’m not always fond of western medicine and will not just be looking to mask the symptoms. Soon I will be doing a liver cleanse in hopes of my liver healing itself. I just want to find out what is going on with my body and why at 24 I seem to be ill. I just want to make sure it’s nothing serious, that is for sure.

In other news, soon I will be planning the babies’ birthdays. They turn 2 and 1 this year. I’m a little sad. The last year has gone by so fast. I’m thrilled to do a girly theme for our daughter and I’m hoping tinkerbell will make her day. For our littlest, I’m hoping a monkey first birthday theme will work out.

Nothing else exciting going around here. Just thought I’d update since it’d been a while.


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