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I wanted to share a website that I have been using to help earn Amazon gift cards to pay for Christmas presents! In addition to Swagbucks, Superpoints is probably my favorite way to earn free gift cards. Right now, I am only redeeming my points for Amazon cards, but you can get Paypal, Wal-Mart, Domino’s, and there are many other options! Now Superpoints is by invite-only. You earn points daily by clicking the Super Lucky Button. You can also visit the offer walls and earn more points there. If you would like an invitation, please leave a comment and I will get one to you!

Here is what I have earned so far on Superpoints. Last week I started being able to cash out once a week!

$5 Gift Card
Processed 11/22/2011

$5 Gift Card
Processed 11/15/2011

$5 Gift Card
Processed 11/08/2011

$5 Gift Card
Processed 11/01/2011

$5 Gift Card
Processed 10/11/2011

$5 Gift Card
Processed 10/11/2011

$5 Gift Card
Processed 09/12/2011

$5 Gift Card
Processed 09/06/2011


Crowdtap is a website where you can share information about your favorite brands, earn gift cards, and donate to charity all at the same time! You can also sign up for brand sponsored parties, sample products (some people have gotten free coats, jeans, and flip flops from Old Navy!). It’s really a great website. Click on the button below to connect with me on Crowdtap and login with your Facebook!

Here are my stats on Crowdtap:

total actions 381
last 30 days 97
total cash $9.00
last 30 days $4.00
total points 22,515
last 30 days 6,715


So far, I have really enjoyed these websites. After Christmas, I plan to cash out on Paypal more for actual free CASH to use for anything we want or need in our household. 🙂


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