The Growth of Medical Marijuana

Which Country Is Responsible For The Largest Medical Marijuana Grow?

The number of medical marijuana users around the world is growing as there’s a greater demand for medical cannabis. Following legalization of medical weed in many states in the United States, and legalization in countries like Uruguay, many other countries will likely follow suit, creating even more demand. Will growers be able to keep up? We think the answer is a definitive, “yes”! The export of weed is keeping countries and industries thriving, which provides fuel for more countries and industries to jump on the bandwagon. If you’ve found Green Door West because you searched for “marijuana delivery near me,” you’re part of the demand to turn a once stigmatized drug into a commonplace remedy for health and healing worldwide.

Which Country Produces the Most Weed?

If you’ve been curious about which countries produce the most weed, and you thought the United States might be a top grower because of our open-mindedness toward marijuana, take a look at the real situation. The following countries produce the most marijuana in the world, helping to keep this industry alive and thriving in many other countries.


People have been using marijuana in India as far back as thousands of years ago. They used it, and still use it, for recreational, religious, and medicinal purposes. India is known to be the motherland of marijuana growing, and it’s where all strains of cannabis originate.

South Africa

Legal use of cannabis is prohibited in South Africa, but the country’s rich terrain and warm climate are ideal for widespread cultivation. South Africa produces the most marijuana in Africa, and nearly the most in the world. There’s a scarce police network in the country, which allows for somewhat easy distribution to countries all over the planet.


In Mexico, drug cartels have been trying to get their products into the southern part of the United States for years. In addition to various drugs that are illegal in all forms in the U.S., Mexico daily imports cannabis across its northern neighbor’s border and the country does it in exorbitant amounts.

Marijuana Delivery Near Me: We Have Local Weed

Paraguay and Afghanistan also grow large amounts of medical marijuana for shipment throughout the world. If you’ve searched for “marijuana delivery near me” and were hoping to find locally-grown medical cannabis with origins in California, Green Door West can absolutely help you with that. We’re thrilled that cannabis is being grown and distributed all over the globe, but for our customers who want local weed, we’re happy to provide. Green Door West is a cannabis delivery business that can offer you local California products for cannabis delivery in Torrance and throughout the Los Angeles area.


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