A weekend to “relax”

My main goal this week? To relax. And by that, my husband will finish repairing his car and I will hopefully catch the house back up. The weekends my husband has off are three day weekends for us. Yes, we most definitely live on a schedule different from the real world. But it works for us! Our preschooler also has Monday’s off so we at least can get some family time in every other weekend. Though every weekend, Joe is signed up for overtime, so let’s see if he actually gets the time off.

Earlier in the week, we found out that the fuel pump went out in his car. I was about to drive the car into the river. It seems like it’s been nickel and diming us lately. Just last month, we replaced the fuel tank in it. All of this being down to one vehicle and having very limited time to fix it in has been stressful. He had to at least have the new fuel pump in by today in case he is called into work tonight. Driving the van that far to work is just depleating our gas budget and we were getting close to cutting into our rent money. That is something we agreed when we got married we would never do.

As summer has come to a close, so has birthday party season (for our kids). Matt is in his school routine. It seems like we are less busy, but my days do not feel any less crazy. I do honestly like the time to step back and enjoy time with my two younger ones.

On a different note, I’ve been using my Amazon gift cards I earn on Swagbucks and iRazoo to start Christmas shopping. This is what I have “bought” so far, totally free!

Leap Frog Scribble and Write (for our 4 year old)


Melissa & Doug Diaper Changing Set (to go with our 2 year old’s doll)


Stanley Tool Box (early anniversary present for the hubby)



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