When you can’t sleep

Here I am at 1 a.m. not able to sleep. I laid in bed after nursing my baby and realized how wide awake I was. The thoughts of the last 5-6 days just running through my head. The fact that a week ago my mother in law had been in our house, sitting in a chair, talking to me about some things I was going through on my side of the family.

Her work accident has changed things for our family. Recently she had gone back to this job and things had felt well…empty. Now she is in the hospital and we don’t know for how long. We were used to her popping over every day. Just to say hi. Just to chat. Just to see the kids. And every time, she took the time to just sit and talk with me. I have met many new people this week and every one has told me how much they love and that she has a heart of gold.

I am not sure when things will go back to normal. I told my husband the other day we will have a “new” normal. We don’t know how things are going to go. We are just thankful that her injuries are less than we originally thought. Walking into that hospital room and seeing her on that breathing machine shook me to my core.

Through this experience, the Lord has really humbled me. When we get caught into the day to day motions, we really forget how precious life is. Being a mother of three young children, I am constantly reminded what a blessing life is. But now I have been shown how quickly life can change. Life is precious and always changing. But when an awful accident happens, it really makes you takes thing into perspective.

I guess I feel better getting that out. I will continue updating the Carepage I previously posted about my mother in law’s progress on her recovery.


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